Jump Into The Pool Party Of Acceptance

I live in a very noisy apartment complex where just about everyone is under 30 (and I am not). Sometimes finding acceptance around that is tough.

Today, when the pool party started and my serenity slowly disappeared, I felt irritated, negative and angry. I started wondering what I could do to make them stop. Don’t I have a right to live in my apartment in peace? Don’t they even care that their loud music and raised voices are bothering others? How can people be so inconsiderate? And on and on.

Then all of a sudden I stopped and realized that there was nothing I could do about these dozens of people or about any other people in the world who are doing something I don’t like.

And if that’s true, then I am the creator of my own dis-ease. My own lack of serenity. Then if that’s true, how can I be the creator of my own peace?

Acceptance works better.

What serves me is to accept what is. And what is is that I choose to live here knowing about the pool, people are going to use the pool and I can either accept it or fight it. So I decide to accept it.

And and I end up wondering what my irritation could be here to teach me. And what it is teaching me is to remember what Abraham Hicks said. That what you think about you create and if you are feeling negative emotion that means you are negatively creating and if you are feeling positive emotion you are positively creating. So I decide I want to positively create.

I picture myself in the serene and calm writing environment I wish for and focus on how can I make this happen for myself. I test these options to see what feels right:

1.  I can close all my windows in the middle of summer (tried that—didn’t help)

2.  I can write some other time (no, I reserved this time to write)

3.  I can go somewhere else to write (possibly)

4.  I can listen to soothing music in my headphones while I write (YES!)

So that’s what I do. And lo and behold, I have serenity.

Abraham Hicks also says:

“Look at a problem as a question summoning an answer” (I love that one)

So, what is the question and what is the answer?

Question: How can this serve me instead of irritate me?

Answer: By focusing on what I don’t want I am able to see what I do want, then I can use this situation as a catalyst to push me to create what I need to do to propel me into the life and environment that I want. It is here to advance me. Then I actually said thank you to the party people for showing me what I need to know.

One last thing Abraham says: “Nothing you desire is upstream”. So I will let the paddles of the canoe go and it will naturally float to what is thriving—my health, my job, my friendships, my spirit, my writing.

Acceptance, it turns out, is a pretty good place to be.

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  1. Acceptance IS a great place to be. Thank you!!!

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