Someone Is Trying To Steal My Power and I’m Standing in My Worth

Have you ever felt like someone is trying to take your power away? Like you looked away for just a second and you suddenly realize that you feel manipulated?

I have been in a state of agitation all week.

I’ve been feeling like I am out of touch with my spirituality and I have lost my empowerment. You know what I mean? Like you know you are still in there somewhere, but you can’t remember how to get back to her?

There are people who continue to enter my life who challenge me and allow me to more closely examine my resilience and who test my sense of self worth. As I stand more in my truth and make decisions that honor me, I have to expect that they might not sit right with someone else. This person is not holding back in sending me very forceful messages that I should cut that crap out.

I knew it was there from the beginning— truth does not live with this person.

There is no one to trust here but me. I have been able to rise above the negativity for the most part by detaching, walking away from bad behavior, and turning fear into love. But now it feels like a subtle assault, worming its way more and more into my consciousness until I feel I am using all my spiritual capital just to transmute the antagonism.

For the last week I have felt nausea and stomach pains and I have not been able to digest my food. My chest is tight and my heart pounds.

I know that this is the physical manifestation of the negative energy that is passing through me. 

It’s all landing in my solar plexus which is associated with one’s personal power, taking responsibility for one’s life, establishing direction and confidence. God, this is perfect. It’s my intuition.

My old story is that I have allowed myself to shrink under someone else’s aggression.

Well, I won’t do that anymore. 

Wow! That sounds strong, right? (I’m practicing—it felt good!)

So, again, I welcome another opportunity to practice standing in my confidence and learning to use positive intention to set boundaries for myself.

Now I just have to do it.

Has anyone else faced something like this? I’d love to hear what you did.

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2 thoughts on “Someone Is Trying To Steal My Power and I’m Standing in My Worth

  1. Gosh we all struggle with this!! I feel challenged every day. Whether it be with my kids, my family, friends. We all have opinions on certain things. We like to push our thinking on other people. The Typical I’m right you’re wrong way of thinking. Sometimes being Uncomfortable pushes us thu it and to a better level. So when it happens again we can deal with it better. Keep asking yourself questions as to how you can do better, what you can do better. . You will get thru this! It’s just a little rough at times.

    1. Yes, I totally agree. In fact, I had a little breakthrough which I will share next!!

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