Someone Was Trying To Steal My Power! (Part 2)

Sometimes a miracle presents itself in the form of the perfect lesson. This time it’s about standing in my power.

My body is like a loudspeaker.

In a previous post (Part One of this Universal lesson) my physical symptoms of illness were screaming at me that I was allowing something in my life that was detrimental to my well being. I had just described to a friend how I keep attracting people in my life who demean and overpower me so I can learn the lesson of how to stand up for myself and speak my mind and find my voice, and she says that if I understand all that then I have already learned the lesson and I can go now!


God, I was thinking that I need to stick around and keep practicing! I felt like I hadn’t sacrificed enough or suffered through enough. After all, I spent a lot longer doing this with my Dad and my ex husband, so it didn’t feel normal to think I could just move on once I felt I was being bullied here too.

But my normal is to tolerate the intolerable. 

Hang in there. Make it work. Tough it out. Just don’t make waves (or rock the boat, or upset the apple cart—whatever). Just be quiet.

But not anymore. Just because I learned those beliefs as a child (and carried them into my marriage) doesn’t mean they have to be my identity now. Once I realized that I can actually choose not to have this energy in my life instead of asking for more homework, I felt so free. That’s what I’ve been talking about—only allowing positive energy in my life. And then it dawned on me there’s more than one way to make this happen. But first things first.

If I don’t feel good, I’d better stop attracting crap.

It doesn’t even matter if I understand why I don’t feel good. I just need to go in the opposite direction. So I can choose to release this relationship because my vibration is not a match for this anymore or I can shield myself from this person’s energy and choose to address the disrespect as it happens. Stand in my truth and see what unfolds. I’ve been here before. I’ve believed in the highest good for all and the Universe has answered me.

And here’s the lesson.

I’m not a victim of anyone else’s abuse unless I choose to be. My only job is to stay in JOY. The only thing that matters is feeling good because that’s my guidance, no matter what choice I make to get there and stay there. If I feel good, I am aligned with my truth.

It’s not going to be easy, but I like that. I get to practice!

BTW. No more stomach issues.

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